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We have re-opened

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Why Slurp?


In Japan, folks show their enthusiasm and appreciation by ‘Slurping’ their ramen aloud with gusto. Slurping is beneficial in more ways than one. Firstly, it introduces oxygen whilst eating, thus cooling the hot food as it enters the mouth, secondly, we would need to give less effort into eating quietly and more to concentrate on the true flavours from our food. So by all means, just Slurp away!


We are strong believers in the zen of eating heartily and are committed to focusing our priority, first and foremost, to the satisfactions of our customers.We do not believe that good food need cost the earth, thus our menu is maintained to always be of good value to the pocket as well as nourishing and satisfying to the body.


At Slurp, we aim to introduce to you various cuisines of the Far-East all under one ceiling, and our wide – but carefully composed – menu will have something that will definitely tickle the taste-buds of every dining member in your group.


We believe that it is simply not enough to just provide our customer with their favourite dishes, we persevere to make it our constant business to strive to improve on our recipes to bring the highest quality and taste satisfaction with exceptional value for money.


At the restaurant, you can watch the chefs prepare your food in our well-lit open kitchen.

The Slurp Team welcomes you to chill out in our minimalistic surrounding. Relax with a glass of chilled chardonnay or one of our freshly squeezed juices.


We strive to bring you the best in quality, service and value at all times, but we cannot progress without your feedbacks – be they positive or negative. So please feel free to let us know just what you DO think, so we can deliver a better service to you!

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