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We have re-opened

See our opening times here.

Whether you are meeting up with a friend, out on a date, having a romantic meal, hosting a birthday dinner, or having a quick bite, Slurp is just the place for it. In fact, it’s the perfect reason to not cook that night.


From the ever popular sweet and sour to the hot soothing ramen, you can be sure you will be spoilt for choice by the extensive menu.


The Slurp Team welcomes you to chill out in our minimalistic surrounding. Relax with a glass of chilled chardonnay or one of our freshly squeezed juices.


We cater for couples and large groups alike and have wheelchair facilities including tables designed for either wheelchairs or high chairs for children.















We are very accommodating and understanding for people with special requirements and for those unfortunate to have allergies. We will spend however long it may take to help those with their ordering or queries.


We are children friendly and have fitted the restaurant with sound proofing panels so that even the most vocal toddlers won’t be disturbing other customers by very much.


Let us serve you the tastiest food with the friendliest service at our Streatham Restaurant & Take Away.


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Over 70 dishes from several regions of Far East Asia

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